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Lac La Belle shares its name with both the lake and this quaint community. The French translation, “Beautiful Lake”, gives you an idea as to what to expect. Lac La Belle has a surface area of about 1100 acres and is approximately 30 feet deep over a mostly hard rock bottom. There is a canal that leads to the abundant waters of Lake Superior allowing easy navigation to the protected shore of Bete Grise Bay.

The Bay is part of one of the most pristine coastal wetland ecosystems remaining in the Great Lakes. The Bete Grise Preserve includes 4000 acres and 5.5 miles of Lake Superior shoreline. A short kayak or canoe paddle from Da Beach Cabin brings you to a protected forest trail, only accessible by water. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Paddle through the canal and beach yourself on the white sandy shore and enjoy a picnic at Bete Grise Beach. Bete Grise was voted as one of Michigan’s top 10 beaches. Chances are, you may have this place all to yourself!


Glancing to the east from Bete Grise Beach, you will see the Bare Bluffs towering over the coastline and just beyond, the white rapids of Montreal Falls cascading into Lake Superior. A dirt road takes you to both trailheads where you can explore these destination-hiking spots by foot. For the advanced sea kayaker, you may even decide to make a full day trip to Montreal Falls.

Either way, you plan your day, we think you will agree that Lac La Belle provides the perfect backdrop to your stay at Da Beach Cabin.