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A Hidden Gem

You will be smiling as you drop into one of the many steep powdery glades at Mount Bohemia. With an average snowfall of 273 inches and a vertical drop of 900 feet, the mountain is an advanced rider’s North Country dream. Challenging, exciting and blissful can only begin to describe the place.

In 2015 Mount Bohemia opened a new area called Little BoHo. These glades drop you walking distance to Da Beach Cabin. A shuttle picks you up at the bottom and brings you back to the ski resort. We are one of the closest vacation rentals to the base of the mountain so coming home for a warm lunch or that extra cup of coffee in the morning is quick and easy.

  • Vertical drop: 900 feet
  • Average snowfall: 273 inches
  • Skiable acres: 585 acres and growing
  • Chairlifts: 2
  • Buses: 4