Included In your Stay



Amenities for Summer and Winter Activities


During the Spring, Summer, and Fall months we provide:

  • 4 Stand Up Paddleboards
  • 4 Kayaks
  • 2 Canoes
  • 2 Jump Bikes
  • Lawn Games

We provide these free of charge, during your stay. We feel that this is a generous offering because we provide high-quality equipment. Please treat these items like they were your own.

The SUPs are made of an epoxy material and could crack if dropped or dragged excessively. They are designed for stability and lake tracking. If possible, please have two people remove the SUP from the rack. Paddles and life vests are located in the “Beach Barn”. Paddles are adjustable to fit your height and should be about 12 inches above the top of your head. When landing the SUPs please don’t “beach” the board. Step off the board before it hits the shore and carries it from the water.

Kayaks are located at the beach on the holder. It’s easiest when 2 people take them off the rack. We offer 2 different sizes of kayaks; a 120 (12′) and a 140 (14′). The smaller boats will be easier to maneuver while the larger boats will be easier to paddle on a longer trip. Please put them in their original position when finished and replace the cockpit cover. Feel free to contact us if you would like to take the kayaks to Bete Grise Bay, where you can be dropped off and paddle back or just explore the Lake Superior shoreline. Paddles and life vests are in the “Beach Barn”. Return all paddles and PFDs at the end of your stay.

Canoes are also located at the beach. Oars are in the “Beach Barn”. Please tip canoes over when finished and return paddles to the barn. A cooler is available in case you would like to pack a lunch or beverages for your adventure. Please do not use this cooler for fish. When finished, rinse and return as found.

In the “Beach Barn” you may also find lawn games, extra beach chairs, coolers, picnic basket, hammocks, etc. Please feel free to use any and all of these items. We want you to enjoy your vacation!


During the Winter months we provide:

  • Snowshoes and poles
  • 4 SyrupTree Boards

Feel free to explore the area via snowshoeing, but be careful on the frozen lake. The lake freezes differently each year and it’s hard to judge whether the ice is safe or not. Ask us or another local what their opinion is and always travel with caution. Do not travel as a tight-knit group across any ice and do not snowshoe near the mouth of the river.

Da Beach Cabin is proud to also offer 4 SyrupTree Boards. This company, based in Marquette, believes that there is a simpler way to enjoy soft snow. Snow, like its close cousin water, is sweetest when surfed. From big mountains to your back yard, all it takes is supple snow and a slope. With a SyrupTree Powder Surfer, you’ll have everything you need to shred it. A combination of surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding opens up the winter world in a way once only thought possible with more gear. Get the sweet feeling of surfing any time the snow piles up. SyrupTree. Snow. Simple. Feel free to explore the local woods searching for that magic line but make sure the boards and snowshoes are left in the front snowbank and the poles are inside before you leave.