Included In your Stay



Property Features


We think it’s pretty cool that we live in an area that allows beach fires. With over 100ft of beachfront, you will find chairs, loungers, and a table. Feel free to move them to suit your needs. Please be careful placing the lounge chairs too close to the fire, sparks could burn the netting. We also provide you with a firepit ring, firewood, and S’mores sticks and baskets that are located on the pole at the beach. Enjoy this wonderful, gooey goodness…please rinse for the next guest to enjoy.

Weather changes quickly in the Keweenaw.  Keep your fire within the ring provided and keep it at a manageable size. If winds increase and/or change direction towards our cabin or our neighbors, please distinguish your fire. Do not leave a fire unattended.

The Bike Barn & Beer We Go Trail

We are excited to offer you a small but very real trail built by Aaron Rogers of Rock Solid Trail Contracting right on Da Beach Cabin’s property. Aaron is responsible for much of the mountain bike trail construction and maintenance in Copper Harbor. He is known for his bike specific flow trails. The “Beer We Go Trail” is a representative sample of what you will find in Copper Harbor. Please use caution and do not ride beyond your ability. The trail starts at the road under the apple trees and we recommend walking the trail before riding it. 2 jump bikes are provided for you to enjoy at Da Beach Cabin.

The “Bike Barn” is supplied with basic tools and a pump for you to use to maintain your bike. Tools are found in the toolbox with bike specific tools in a plastic case on the bottom shelf. There is also a bike wash station by the hose. Just hook your bike by the seat to the bar and use the hose to wash it off.